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Linux Notes for the MooresCloud Holiday

The shipped image was based on the standard distribution of Arch Linux ARM ("ALARM") for the Olinuxino dated (I believe) August 2012, and running the 2.6.35 kernel.
The only significant addition (apart from the Holiday user-space code) was a slightly modified version of the rtl8192cu (8192cu.ko) driver (extra USB VID/PID pairs added, and warning messages suppressed).
... and possibly the asix.ko if it wasn't already there in the base image.
For reference, the Apple USB 2.0 to Ethernet adapater works great for hardwired installations (e.g. trade shows with everyone running WiFi)

An SSH server can be enabled via the "Developer Mode" toggle under "Settings" (needs to be done after each reboot). With regards to SSH access, you cannot log in as root. This is pretty standard on Unix/Linux these days. You must log in as holiday with password holiday, and you can then sudo for root priveledges.
Of course once you've done this, please change the default password for user holiday :)

Regarding Arch Linux, we do not recommend upgrading, unless you're pretty experienced. The newer updates will severely break base functionally due to library & directory structure changes.
More importantly, the newer kernels I tested in 2013 & 2014 did not reliably support all the hardware features used (in particular I2C & SPI).
Unfortunately due to the lack of the 3.x kernel, several features I wanted to implement (such as filesystem overlays) couldn't be put in the relased version.
Maybe one day someone will have time to test and release a new SD card image with a fully functioning and "supportable" version. This will probably require a custom kernel based on what I've seen of iMX233 support in the 3.12 kernel.

I included a connector for an external battery on the PCB, but unfortunately the Linux kernel power management for iMX233 wasn't great so I never experimented with it.

More Coming Soooooooon...
email kean at this domain with questions/suggestions.

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